Civil Litigation Covering A Wide Variety Of Subject Matter

J. Caleb Rackley began his career in private practice as part of the largest litigation firm in San Antonio. The firm handled many types of claims and lawsuits on behalf of businesses and people from all walks of life. With that background as a foundation, he launched Rackley Law Firm.

We represent clients in all areas of civil litigation, including civil trial law, probate litigation, commercial litigation, employment litigation, collections, energy litigation, health care litigation, real estate disputes and deceptive trade practices.

How To Choose Your Civil Litigation Attorney

As you look for a lawyer to advise you and represent you in any legal matter, your comfort level is often the deciding factor. Do you feel comfortable entrusting your case to this or any attorney? An initial consultation can help you gauge intangibles such as rapport and honesty. Look for a lawyer who is approachable and who listens well. An attorney who explains abstract concepts clearly and who can get the job done is one you should strongly consider working with.

Once you have chosen your lawyer, it is time to get to work and get the dispute resolved in your best interests. J. Caleb Rackley has a solid track record that inspires confidence.

“The other side had a team of lawyers they had flown in from Dallas and Houston, and we had Caleb. They tried to scare us. Caleb handled the situation and we were successful. Caleb’s honesty and integrity is what puts him above all the rest.” — Robert Wilson, actual litigation client

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