Protect Assets And Plan Your Legacy

An Estate Planning And Probate Lawyer With Your Ultimate Goals In Mind

Over a lifetime, we develop careers, build homes, take care of our families and contribute to our communities. With a far-reaching legacy in mind, we become increasingly aware of the importance of planning beyond our lifetimes.

Estate Law Is About Life, People And Asset Protection

This is the essence of estate law as it applies both during our lifetimes and after death: estate planning and probate. Contrary to common notions, estate planning is about life. It is about sound financial planning and asset protection from one generation to the next.

A complete estate plan consists of more than a will. Other important elements include:

  • Designated guardianships for any minor children who may be living at the time of your death
  • Trusts that can protect assets and facilitate a smooth transfer of assets with no need to take them through probate
  • Powers of attorney and an advance health care directive spelling out your preferences in case you are unable to speak for yourself after an accident or near the end of your life

Rackley Law Firm in Helotes provides San Antonio-area clients the peace of mind that comes with an individualized, well-thought-out estate plan. You can feel confident that you have taken care of essential business while protecting assets for your family and/or favorite charitable causes in the future.

After The Death Of A Loved One

When a family member dies, you find yourself on the other side of the estate planning equation. Your parent, spouse, brother or sister, aunt or uncle or other relative or close friend may have named you the executor or personal representative of the estate. Rackley Law Firm can help you fulfill your duties correctly and take the estate through probate in a timely manner. In the event of a will contest or any estate-related dispute, Mr. Rackley is well-prepared to represent you while moving the issue toward a favorable resolution.

“Excellent service and attention to our needs. Rackley Law Firm was very thorough and covered all our concerns with constructing a will and last testament.” — Jose G. (actual estate planning client)