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Advising On Construction Transactions And Assisting With Strategic Planning

Planning for successful completion of a construction project is vital for any involved party, such as the:

  • Property owner or investor
  • Contractor
  • Financing entity

Construction Planning Phases

Other keys to a successful completion of a construction deal are the terms of the contract: namely, the construction transactions. Texas construction law attorney J. Caleb Rackley’s years of experience in construction law have prepared him to guide clients confidently through all phases of the construction planning process, including:

  • Envisioning and drafting a contract proposal
  • Clarifying and resolving any land use or zoning law issues
  • Obtaining permits
  • Preparing for building phases, including site preparation, excavation, framing, draining, electrical and water installations, heating, cooling and ventilation, insulation, plumbing, completion of walls, doors, windows, roof, flooring, masonry and interior installations such as closets, cabinets, finish carpentry and fixtures

Construction Planning For And With Whom

A construction law attorney can help protect clients through contracts and problems arising with or for various functionaries such as any of the following that apply for any given project:

  • Agent or broker
  • Lender
  • General contractor
  • Architect and engineer(s)
  • Specialty trade contractors
  • Materials suppliers
  • Inspectors

Whether you are an individual planning for construction of a residential dwelling, a business owner planning for construction of a commercial property or a homeowner or property owner planning for remodeling or structural additions (such as addition of a swimming pool, fence, garage or storage facility, for example), Rackley Law Firm can advise and guide you.

“Caleb took the time to teach us and guide us through the construction process, and everything was resolved perfectly.” — Tim C. (actual construction law client)


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