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Business Startups, Operations And More

Starting a new business is a hopeful venture. Once you have identified the product you want to manufacture or buy wholesale and resell or the services you want to contract out, putting a sound business structure in place will allow you more opportunities to do what you do best: produce, resell or perform a service.

Entity Selection And Formation

Deciding on the right entity is critical. Will you form a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation? Talk to business law attorney J. Caleb Rackleyin Helotes to explore your options, weigh the pros and cons and prepare to move forward with your business plan.

Operating Procedures

If you and a partner or shareholders are going to enter into an operational agreement and get the business well underway, you need to know what that agreement will include and how to protect your interests. Rackley Law Firm has provided that type of guidance to many successful business owners and managers throughout the San Antonio area and beyond.

Nuts And Bolts

Schedule a consultation designed to let you walk out with an action plan and timeline ready to fulfill through all phases, including:

  • Entity formation
  • Registration with the secretary of state
  • Putting processes in place for compliance with taxation laws related to sales tax, income tax, payroll tax deductions and more
  • Obtaining necessary licenses and permits
  • Understanding and implementing employment law and workplace safety law requirements
  • Obtaining business financing
  • Filling key leadership roles, such as managers and directors
  • Prepare for interactions with investors
  • Prepare for marketing and delivery of goods or services
  • Prepare to carry out business transactions, including drafting, reviewing and fulfilling your commitments spelled out in contracts
  • Have a plan in place to address disputes that arise with consumers, with other businesses or internally with employees or officers

“Very professional and friendly. Explained everything in terms we understood clearly. Would gladly recommend for any legal advice.” — Norman P. (actual client)

Business Law Attorney J. Caleb Rackley Is Here To Advise You