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Real Estate Transactions And Litigation

While some people attempt to conduct real estate transactions through a “For Sale By Owner” arrangement or through a broker, wise purchasers and sellers realize the value of personalized legal advice. Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is one of the most consequential agreements a person enters into over a lifetime. While marriage seems more serious, sometimes a mortgage or land ownership deed is even more determining of one’s fate than a marriage is.

Simply put, buying or selling a house or a physical business location is so important and serious that you should have an attorney’s advice before signing. J. Caleb Rackley in Helotes has the knowledge and experience you can benefit from as you prepare to enter into any real estate maneuver or transaction, including:

  • Title search
  • Title review
  • Quiet title
  • Title insurance purchase
  • Title procurement

Dispute Resolution In The Real Estate Arena

Disputes or complications may arise during the process of buying or selling real estate. Problems related to boundaries, easements, liens or property defects are all examples of disputes Rackley Law Firm can assist you with. An experienced lawyer’s early intervention and counsel can prevent much greater problems if these issues are left unresolved.

Rackley Law Firm in Helotes welcomes the opportunity to review and advise you on any residential or commercial real estate or construction contractmatter.

“Everyone at the law firm was friendly and listened to our concerns and needs.” — Elizabeth R. (actual client)

Rackley Law Firm Delivers Professional Real Estate Transaction Services And Representation In Litigation As Needed