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Diversified, Personalized Law Practice Including Civil Litigation

The Personal Attention Of A Small Law Firm Built On Experience With A Large Law Firm

Clients who hire Rackley Law Firm receive the benefits of working closely and directly with an attorney who brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having previously practiced at the largest law firm in San Antonio, attorney J. Caleb Rackley now works directly for clients as a sole practitioner. So clients get the best of both worlds – an experienced and accomplished lawyer with the personal attention that only a small law firm can provide.

The Real Secret Of Success At Rackley Law Firm

Knowledge, experience, a strong track record, accessibility, close communications — All these factors figure into what makes Rackley Law Firm work. The real secret of success, however, is simply this: We work harder than our competitors. At the same time, we relate to our clients and they relate to us in a spirit of mutual respect. As a result, clients leave satisfied that Mr. Rackley has diligently and vigorously represented them, achieving real and lasting results.

Most importantly, J. Caleb Rackley is a teacher at heart, having previously served on the law faculty of Schreiner University, the University of the Incarnate Word and St. Mary’s University School of Law. Now, he brings his wealth of knowledge about the law and his passion for teaching directly to his clients – guiding and teaching them about how to ensure their legal rights are protected.

Construction Law Attorney, Estate Planning Lawyer, Civil Litigator

Clients of Rackley Law Firm seek and appreciate fair outcomes that right wrongs or prevent legal troubles through tried and true methods such as contract review and comprehensive estate planning. In all practice areas and all legal processes, J. Caleb Rackley’s qualifications, integrity and hard work help achieve the results that leave clients satisfied.


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