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Drafting, Reviewing And Updating Wills And Trusts

Most people realize that everyone should have a will, but preparing a will is not necessarily a one-time event. You may already have a will and realize you need a lawyer to help you review it and update is as necessary. As a rule of thumb, Rackley Law Firm recommends reviewing your will about every six years or after any life change such as:

  • Moving from one state to another
  • Marriage
  • Birth or adoption of children
  • Divorce
  • Deaths, marriages or divorces that alter the structure of your extended family
  • Starting a business
  • Acquisition of wealth, such as through inheritance or investments

Whatever has prompted you to seek a Texas wills and trusts attorney, Rackley Law Firm is ready to help. Our goal is to help each client create a document that will withstand changes in family structure. If a will is done right, it should ideally last a lifetime.

Beginning with an initial consultation, attorney J. Caleb Rackley will get to know you in order to understand what is important to you and what you want to include in your will. Besides designating where assets should go after your death, a will can:

  • Name a personal representative or executor who will be responsible for administering your estate
  • Name your preferred guardians for your minor children, if applicable
  • Include a family trust, a revocable trust, an irrevocable trust or a special needs trust for the sake of asset protection and simplification of administration of your estate
  • Designate trustees to distribute assets in the trusts
  • Specify that proceedings of trusts intended for your children be managed until they come of age

People often want to set up trusts to keep assets out of probate. However, it often happens that the estate acquires assets that are not included in a trust. A pour-over will can take care of distribution of assets that have not been assigned to a trust.

To Prevent Will Contests — And What To Do In The Event Of A Will Contest

Ideally, your will should be clear and enforceable to prevent disputes after your death. Helping you craft a will that can stand up to any challenges is an important part of what we do at Rackley Law Firm. Your will should contain no ambiguity. It should ensure that all you’ve worked for over your lifetime will go to your loved ones or designated causes rather than to lawyers.

Nonetheless, you may find yourself a party to a will contest as a personal representative or beneficiary. Contested wills often reflect troublesome family dynamics and run the risk of greatly diminishing the value of estates. Rackley Law Firm can advise and represent you with the goal of arriving at a resolution sooner rather than later. We want to help you preserve assets rather than squander them through legal maneuvers.

“I came in to sign an updated Will and various other legal paperwork. Everything was ready to go, all of my questions were answered and the whole staff was attentive and easy to work with.” — Peter E. (actual estate planning client)

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